Seasonal Pluviophile Disorder

Pluviophile (noun):  A lover of rain. Someone who goes outside and sees the grey skies swirling low, feels the mist beading up on her skin, and just feels content.


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SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder):  A mood disorder characterized by depression, usually brought on during the darker hours of fall and winter.  An insidious response to lack of sunlight and lowered Vitamin D levels that has nothing at all to do with whether or not you dislike rain.


PluvioSADophile (Becky Bean):  Someone who steps outside on the first grey, drizzly day of an Oregon autumn, tips her head back to the cool grey skies, smiles at the rain sprinkling her face, and thinks, “This is amazing.  I’ve missed this so much.  My soul feels cleaner in this beautiful mist….”  And then immediately realizes, because her body is stupid and can’t seem to get with the program, “Maaaaan, I’ve gotta start doubling up on my Vitamin D,  cuz this is gonna suck soooo much in about a month or two. ”



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