How to Even

So, the only thing that is really annoying about the whole “I’m going to post thirty-one days in a row!” is that I never remember about my promise until about 9 pm at night, when all I can think about is sleep.

Today I decided to be proactive, and I spent most of the day figuring out what I was going to write about.

I opened up my laptop right at 8:30 and I started typing.

By 9:30 pm I was about 3/4 of the way done.  All I had to do was add another 100 or so words, insert a few pictures, and then proofread.

I went to go insert the photos and WordPress couldn’t attach them.  I closed the tab and reopened it to se if that solved the problem….

….only to find out that WordPress hadn’t saved a single word for the past 30 minutes or so I’d been typing.  Instead of being nearly done, the computer had eaten nearly everything I’d written and I was pretty much just beginning.

First off, let me say how much I hate computers at the moment.

Second, please allow me to attach this photo which I feel adequately expresses my emotions at the moment:


And with that, I’m gonna go to bed…. although I suppose I ought to leave you something other than grumpy graphs for the bother of stopping by.

Here— here’s some horses.



I’ll do better tomorrow.  Scout’s honor.


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4 thoughts on “How to Even

  1. You always post at the best time of night for me to have a minute to read. I hope you keep posting nightly after the 31 days is up because I’m starting to look forward to it.

  2. You probably won’t believe me, cuz no one did, but at my last job I had a possessed keyboard, possessed in the most excruciating way. I’d be writing a document and suddenly the backspace key would become stuck, and I’d watch helplessly as my entire document was erased. Of course we had version control software so there was a backup made the previous day, but my day’s work would just disappear.

    I told IT and they said it was user error. They got me a new keyboard finally and it happened again. Sometimes it would be the enter key that got stuck, so my document would grow to an enormous size page by page before my eyes. It was never a letter/number key. Just backspace or enter. Hm.

    I felt that it had to be a virus. Nothing on the Internet helped me discover info about that particular virus. *sigh*

    And for more tech snafus – that was the job where we had an automatic parking garage, the garage itself parked your car in a car-stacking tetris-like system. In 2.5 years I could never get out of my car quickly enough, I was sure that it would park ME in there too in the darkness. Often it would break and none of us could get our cars out. One day the boss’s wife showed up and tried to park, but it was broken, and she complained. I was like, “”You are complaining you can’t get your car IN? We all cannot get ours OUT and we’d like to go home today!” Taxis for all.

  3. You cannot imagine my excitement when I came here to see if there were any new posts (for I am very old school & don’t do readers). 12 posts!!! Jackpot! I’m a lurker/rare commenter but have read your blog for ages. If you wanted to write about the phone book, I would read it. Am particularly enjoying these “How to be a crappy mom”.posts as I’m typing this while nursing my 5 month old, crappy sleeping high maintenance baby (who I love more than life itself). Please to excuse any typos

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