I’m Such A Supportive Wife

“Becky, I stopped by Target yesterday and picked up some diapers.”

“Oh, good -we were running low.  Thanks, Bean.  Hey, you…. you have, uh…. Have a fun time with your motorcycle today on your way to work.  Also… uh…. ride the wind?”

“I’m just trying to wish you a motorcycle-y goodbye.”
“Ah. Well, as I was saying, I picked up diapers and they’re in the trunk of my car…”
“May the road rise up to meet you? Zoom Zoom? Taste the speed?”
“Becky, it’s raining. The roads are slick, so I’m not exactly going to be speeding. Did you hear me about the diapers?”
“Yes – diapers. Car. Trunk. Gotcha.  Look, I’m trying to be supportive here, and offer you a motorcycle goodbye.  I’m trying to be a nice wife, except I have no idea what you motorcycle people say to each other before you head off down the road.  May the road rise up to meet you? Break a leg?”
“What?? Break a leg? No. No, how about let’s not do that.”
“Well, what do you guys say to each other before you go out and do your motorcycle things?”
“We usually just say ‘Have a safe ride’. ”

“Oh.  Ummm.  Well.  Have a safe ride, dear.”

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4 thoughts on “I’m Such A Supportive Wife

  1. *LOL* My beloved step dad always says, “Goodbye, drive cheerfully!” whenever you drive away from his house and it’s ironic cuz he lives in America, the country of road rage. Seattle, the Hauptstadt. You could get shot, just driving. (I lost a colleague to that.)

    Last week, in the dark-as-night morning, after I’d wiped down the windows of the car so my husband could see, I said, “Hey, drive…”

    Uh…how do you say “cheerfully” in German?

    He shook his head, “No translation.” I blinked at him sadly.

    “You know what I mean.”

    He does. Hard to do on the Autobahn. But we both try.

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