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Hire me.  I rock.  Here’s why:


  • Freelance Work:
    My standard “from scratch” fee is .25 cents a word, but I’m willing to work within a variety of budgets, especially for longer pieces.  I’ve sold magazine articles, speeches, and short stories.  I need to be honest – editing a pre-existing work is cheaper than coming up with something from scratch.  My standard fee for editing is $25 an hour, unless you want an immediate turnaround.


  • Ghostwriter:
    Anything you can say, I can say better.  (Sorry, I had to.  Also, if you don’t recognize that quote, then you probably aren’t into musicals.) Here’s the thing:  I’m very, very, very good at taking a sample of your writing and producing content which sounds like you…. only better.  I can capture and retain your writing “voice” while still adding professional polish.


  • Copywriter:  If you want to reach out to your target market and have them actually read what you have to say, instead of just skimming through it… well, pick me.  I kick butt at this kind of stuff.




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One thought on “Hire Me

  1. Dear Becky:

    I’m a student at the university of Washington and would really like the picture of a goat you have on your site. I understand that you are the content holder of an article titled “Norman: The Book-Eating Goat” originally published on your blog.

    My YouTube channel “GOAT study” would like to use this goat picture on our YouTube channel.

    If you agree to provide us with permission, please digitally give us your consent through replying “I agree” to our inquiry. If you could copy this message and send it to allen.putich@gmail.com that would be awesome :~)

    We appreciate your consideration of our permissions request.


    Allen Putich

    By signing below, I warranty that I have the right to grant the permission requested herein, and that I hereby provide you with that permission.




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